Immaculate Conception Parish


Immaculate Conception is one of the smallest and oldest parishes in the Diocese.  Immaculate Conception began in 1890 as Holy Rosary Parish in Bingham Canyon. . Bingham Canyon was a rough and ready place in those days with a largely European immigrant population, most of whom worked in the mine.  Salt Lake City’s first bishop, Bishop Scanlan, is said to have visited outlying parishes on a black stallion. It is not hard to imagine him riding across the then wide open spaces of West Jordan to reach the Canyon, where he celebrated Mass even before the Parish was formed.

As time went on Utah Kennecott Copper’s mining activities overflowed into Bingham Canyon. They ultimately bought out the entirety of Bingham Canyon and relocated its population to what is now Copperton. Immaculate Conception Church was dedicated at its current site in 1949. The Holy Rosary Church continued to exist until the last Mass was offered there in 1958. Former residents of Bingham Canyon also established St. Joseph the Worker Parish in West Jordan in 1969.